Kris started his working career as a theater director but has been a shooting PD (producer/director) for the last fifteen years.

He is frequently commissioned to create commercials, idents, short fiction film features, corporate videos, music video and people promos for both small and large budgets.

Kris Koster - Collected Works 2010/11

Are you looking to commission an artistic/visual film work?

You can view a small collection of his works from between 2010 to 2013 online here. Most of these works have been conceptualised, written, directed and edited by Kris Koster. Nearly all of them have been made on a budget of less than $5,000.

Television Commercials

Music Video Promos

Corporate Videos

Motion Graphics & Animation

Short Features

If you have difficulty watching videos on the Vimeo site, you could try visiting Kris Koster’s YouTube channel here.

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