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Great American Cookies

Great American Cookies

Great American Cookies have great tasting cookies… At least I’m sure they  must do, we only have Milly’s Cookies here in the UK. The brand asked for a TV commercial that was fun, perhaps a little bit cheeky, but impacted the viewer with the prime message that any special ‘first’ can be iced on the cookie… You know, the cookie for all occasions, but especially for your children’s firsts (first tooth, first school test, etc.). The demographic was women (mothers) 35+ range. Great American Cookies feels they are the prime target, not the kids who eat the things. Rising to the challenge, I thought what would tickle the ladies with a smile on a Monday morning over tea and (ahem!) biscuits… and I have to be honest, cute little toddlers do it all the time.

Crowdsourcing takes the biscuit

When I try to think of all the things I love to hate about crowdsourcing video projects, brand selection has to be one of them. That’s right – They didn’t select this spot in their final selection. Okay, so I can’t win them all, but when you see what Great American Cookies chose instead, you might understand where I’m coming from. Sour grapes?  You may well be right and would be forgiven for thinking so, but go ahead and subjectively evaluate it for yourself before judging me on that one! What’s more, the brief was announced in December and the brand haven’t even decided which finalist is announced for purchase selection.

Great American Cookies

Great American Cookies Kid

I will be writing a critique about crowdsourcing video work in a future post, but for now, let’s enjoy the wonder of how some cute little kids just steal the show when it comes to TV spots. Then again, I could be biased; After all, that is my son right there! Was he acting? Absolutely not. He meant every word!

3 Responses to “Great American Cookies”

  1. Matt-DiamondFilmGroup says:

    Can’t understand the brand not going for this one. He melts my heart! Was this on the 5D mark III Kris?

  2. Anne1972 says:

    Aww, what a great little fellow – such potential!

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