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AutoTrader viral ad

Asking people to hug cars… I mean, really hug them, can be asking a lot. But everyone I asked accepted the task and did amazingly well. AutoTrader’s brief is that they need a :30 or :60 spot that reconnects people with their emotional feelings for cars. Rising to the challenge, we decided that ‘beautifying’ the love people have for their cars by drenching the images in dappled sunlight, natural lens flares and, of course, a sunset would be a great way to demonstrate their affections by literally showing them loving their cars! We left out any narrative, just a quick voice over at the end. We let the music create the mood and thought pairing that with the visuals might connect people with the ad.

We wanted to show different people, all sizes, sexes, shapes and ages, with different cars and in different locations. The only common denominators were the love they show for their vehicle and the beautifying of the image. I intentionally incorporated reflections as a common theme in the ad – An owner’s reflection perhaps signifying that our cars are a mirror of who we are inside?

With the talents of Jon Summer, Julie Ashurst, Stefan Bramsall and others, we were able to show that people really do love their cars!

The spot answers a rallying call by Autotrader who is calling upon international filmmakers to create the perfect spot for their next advertising campaign.

Shot on a Canon 60D at 60fps and slowed to 25.

2 Responses to “AutoTrader viral ad”

  1. Trish Harper says:

    Amazing! Wow, so beautiful and calming. I love the way you film. You should run a few tutorials of your own.

  2. Marty T. says:

    Fantastic spot, Kris. You really nailed it. Had me wanting to go out and hug my motor!

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