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X-Rated Video to Broadcast on MTV

Molella, a big name in Italy’s DJ dance scene from a young age, produces yet another stunning dance track for Summer 2011. He’s produced it alongside Supafly Inc., a well-known dance duo from London who have seen great success over the last few years.

I was thrilled to be commissioned to make the music promo for X-Rated and when they asked me what kind of visual imagery I would put to their track, I could only think of one major concept… A stunning, jaw-dropping, sexy woman parading around the streets with guys falling over themselves to court her. Seemed fairly appropriate given the brief. So the music label bought the idea and so we fell into production almost immediately.

Time Records

Time Records is based in Italy

Time Records specifically wanted a ‘sunny’ summer video, so I decided to shoot it entirely in Torrevieja. It’s a beautiful Spanish town with delightful views over the Mediterranean Sea and picturesque cafes, shops and boutiques.

I had two major tasks during pre-production. These were; Sourcing the various locations for the shoot and also sourcing our model. Both were not easy. To complicate matters, the record label needed the promo very quickly and pre-production commenced right at the beginning of the Easter break. Spanish rural towns are notoriously religious, so the entire area shuts down for almost two weeks… Not helpful!

Consequently, after much hard work, the locations started to fall into place and I hit the jackpot when looking for our model. I auditioned a few beautiful women in the area, however beauty wasn’t enough. She had to ooze self-confidence and be able to perform, to act – Besides which, she had to be stunning, not just beautiful, or the video simply wouldn’t work.

Micha Thyge

Micha Thyge has appeared on the covers of global publications.

After much communication with major modelling agencies in Madrid and Barcelona, I contacted a local model agency who I’d worked with in the past. The lovely Sue never let’s me down and she didn’t disappoint me this time either. She knew of a model that often works abroad, but has a house in the Torrevieja area. She was perfect looking, but the chances of her being here were slim.

As fate would have it, she did happen to be back in Spain with her folks.

Micha Thyge agreed to meet with me immediately and I knew from the moment I met her, that we had found our X-Rated star!

The usual logistical chores were yet to come: Arranging with local police, the schedule for filming and locations we would be shooting. We even cast a local policeman in the video (which, for his 4-second cameo, actually took half a day to arrange permission for!)

Production was a delight and everyone worked hard for three days to film the various scenes. We had just one setback with poor weather on one of the shooting days, but we got there in the end!

Motion graphics artist, Alan Hughes, co-ordinated the magnificent intro and outro scenes you see in the clip, plus the two divider sequences. The entire clip, including pre-production, production and editing were complete in just three weeks. With the single release on April 22nd, Time Records were keen to broadcast the video at the earliest opportunity.

Time have now commissioned me to make another clip for one of their new signings, so watch this space!
cover version of Sonique’s 2000 track Sky will be out June 17th!

9 Responses to “X-Rated Video to Broadcast on MTV”

  1. Mr Ibrahim says:

    Insanely gorgeous video (not just talking about the girl!). The kid at the end made me smile, amazing job.

  2. fillipa34a says:

    She is stunning. not a huge fan of dance music although this is not too bad – I like your style of filmmaking, Filipa.

    • Kris Koster says:

      Thanks, Filipa – It was a lucky find. I actually prefer ‘Trance’ music to ‘Dance’ – I wish I was given more commissions by the labels for this style. I have a few pretty neat ideas for them already!

  3. danjoe mac says:

    Beautiful video, just beautiful. I’m curious, what did you shoot this on?

    • Kris Koster says:

      As I shoot most of my videos at the moment, on a Canon 5D Mark II. I’m considering the Panasonic AF-100 (or 101 if you’re in the USA), but waiting to see what Canon come out with for the 5D2’s replacement.

      Announcement on this is imminent.

    • Kris Koster says:

      The 5D mark II, Danjoe.

  4. Joanna Cross says:

    As always, your work is outstanding, Kris. Good choice of talent and best of luck with Time.

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