Renoir flies to Spain for Music Promo

Before I have had opportunity to deliver the promo clip for Molella & Supafly, ‘X-Rated‘ commissioned earlier this month, I am now working on a music promo for a new signing over at Time Records.

Renoir is young, fresh talent and the label are keen to promote him. For his debut single, the label have decided on a cover version of a Sonique track written in 2000 entitled ‘Sky‘. That music was most certainly electronica and dance – But Renoir’s cover version is completely different. The track is easy on the ear and has a robust guitar performance by the talented pop star.

The music label have flown Renoir and his manager, famed pianist Allesandro Deledda, to Spain to meet with me and to create a beautiful video promo for them.

With the script already approved by the label, production is set to begin on Friday, 27th May with final delivery of the clip by June 17th.

2 Responses to “Renoir flies to Spain for Music Promo”

  1. ketchup says:

    how to say his name – [renoa]?

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