justcanon.net is another scam, fake photo shop

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They strike again. From the makers of shootmarket.com – They came and they conquered, scamming hundreds, maybe even thousands of photographers hoping to get a cheap deal with their ridiculously low prices. It seemed like a deal too good to be true. That’s because it was.

The scammers of shootmarket.com made a great deal of money before they were finally taken down, months after I exposed them as a fraudulent online shopping store. It would appear that the fruits of their labour were so beneficial, it was worth putting the effort in for round 3 (yes, round 3 – they were digisys.net before shootmarket).

Behold, justcanon.net rears its ugly head. Again, offering us keen photographers and filmmakers “superb” deals on our next Canon 7D or 5D mark II purchase. They even have a phone number: 020 8133 6717 (which happens to be an answer phone)… and an address, which if you look up on Google street maps, you will find does not exist as a bricks & mortar shop:

Justshops Limited
Customer Service Department
19 Mandela Street

Actually, Justshops are a legitimate company by the way. That company is a collection of speciality eCommerce stores. The problem is that justcanon.net and justcamcorders.net are falsely associating themselves with Justshops. This company’s stores focus on the pet housing market, including JustCages, JustDogKennels, JustRabbitHutches, JustFishTanks, PetVillas, JustVivariums and JustChickenCoops.

If it were not for the seriousness of the crime, it might have been amusing to JustShops.com that they have just entered the photographic equipment market. To confuse matters even further, the website named Justcanon.com is another legitmate website with a similar name. I feel somewhat sorry for those legitimate sites that the criminals have hijacked to make themselves more credible. Let this be a lesson to other companies, once they secure their web address, it’s a worthwhile investment making a small purchase to secure the .net and .org names too.

Back to the real villans, ‘justcanon.net’ scam site, who state “Just Canon is a registered trademark of Justshops Limited.”. Naturally, JustShops say they have nothing whatsoever to do with them. In fact, they’re horrified that justcanon.net are using the justshops name to swindle hundreds, maybe thousands of online shoppers every day.

Again, I implore you… Review online shops carefully before you part with your money. Heck, I don’t even mind reviewing them for you. Make sure they’re established. Find other shoppers who have successfully shopped with them. Get an impartial review from a respected website. Reviewing them after you have electronically transferred your cash over to them is too late and that is an expensive lesson to learn.

As a fellow photographer and filmmaker, I feel it my duty to keep you folks aware of the danger lurking around online for us. We’re always on the lookout for that elusive bargain and feel the impulse to jump on it and buy immediately in case it disappears – I’ve been there and been close to falling victim myself! These scammers also know photographers are out for a bargain and act impulsively. But when you see a bargain, force yourself to do a full review and evaluation of that website before parting with your money. I only wonder how long it will take to remove this website from the net and how many people will continue to be conned out of thousands in the meantime.

UPDATE: 22 December 2010www.justcanons.net is now currently very prevalent on the Google adwords pages (on the run with justcanon.net heavily exposed, they have simply registered a new domain name with a trailing ‘s’ and now pushing that hard).

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  1. Patric says:

    Hi I’m writing from Poland I bought Nikon D 700 before x-mas, and i never get it. http://www.justnikon.net _ is not exist anymore, they don’t answer my e-mails, don’t pick up phones. All people witch are in the same situation as me should go to local police office in they country to made a crime report, then made a complain to Loyd’s Bank. To made a class action, or representative action we have to know who robe ass. If someone know something from Police or Bank, please let me know (pa_trusia007@o2.pl).
    I made a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (Google it), and I feel in fraud report on UK police web site. Please do the same, then we will have chance to get our money back. We shout call British consuls in our countries to let them know that someone from UK made a crime. If you need more information call European Consumer Center, they will help you. I don’t want to let it go _ I was collecting money for this camera two years. I call my friends in Russia to found something out from IP. We will see. If you have any info., please let me know.

  2. Corrado says:

    The italian police let me do a sue about justcanon.net but they told me that the procedure is going to stop immediately because they need a rogatory to continue the investigation. For their experience, they know that no one will give a rogatory for single person that want to do an international investigation with such a “little value” of fraud.
    Maybe a class action…
    Do you know if it exist an international police that is able to be put in charge for this kind of investigation?

    … and justcanon.net is still online and it works!!!

    • Andrea says:

      ciao corrado!
      sono stato truffato anche io da justnikon.net…sai cosa fare per cercare di essere rimborsati?


      • Renato says:

        Ciao anche sono stato fregato, penso che siamo in tanti e questo da una parte mi da incavolare e da una parte mi fa sperare che facciano una rogatoria per prendere questi “str…”.
        Comunque io ho fatto la denuncia alla polizia postale e in banca per vedere se si riesce a recuperare qualcosa. Anche se mi hanno detto che le speranze sono veramente remote, l’unica speranza sta nella rogatoria.

        Un saluto e fatemi sapere se avete trovato qualcos’altro da fare.


    • Patric says:

      to made a class action we have to know personal date, did they know something ? They should know from Loyd’s Bank !

  3. Jens-Peter says:

    Hi Kris

    I’ve find his real name on the web. His name is Eric Joyce. On whois domain this is listed:

    Domain Name: JUSTCANON.NET
    Registrar: MONIKER

    Registrant [3258583]:
    Eric Joyce
    19 Mandela Street
    NW1 0DU

    Administrative Contact [3258583]:
    Eric Joyce
    19 Mandela Street
    NW1 0DU
    Phone: +44.07846127351

    Billing Contact [3258583]:
    Eric Joyce
    19 Mandela Street
    NW1 0DU
    Phone: +44.07846127351

    Technical Contact [3258583]:
    Eric Joyce
    19 Mandela Street
    NW1 0DU
    Phone: +44.07846127351

    I don’t if anyone of you live nearby to make a visit. Myself is from Denmark and don’t have the resource to make him a visit. I lost 884,- EUR.
    I have told the police and the tv stations in DK too.

    Wondering about the swiftcode I had to type on the transfer – my bank did not recognize that code and when I type in the bank name and adress their swiftcodes are listed from all over the world but not this one. Do you think they won’t get the money then???

  4. BG says:

    Tiež som nakúpil cez http://www.justcanon.net za 525,- EUR a zaplatil bankovým prevodom ešte začiatkom Dec.2010 a do dnes mi neprišla žiadna zásielka…
    Už som zistil, že to je podvod a prišiel som o peniaze 🙁
    Idem ich žalovať…

    • Peter says:

      Ja som tiez urobil nakup za 1209,90€ a az potom som zistil, ze je to podvod. Snazil som sa to nahlasit na policiu a podat trestne oznamenie, ale tam mi povedali, ze oni nespachali trestny cin a navyse su z inej krajny, takze ich nemozu stihat a ze mozem podat zalobu na sud. Pokusil som sa aj vymoct peniaze spat cez banku. Banka BARCGB22, kde maju ucet (GB11BARC20457733852873) podvodnici uviedla, ze na vyzvu banky prijemca nereagoval a bez jeho suhlasu nie je mozne platbu vratit.

  5. Janez Novack says:

    You can join face book groop with name

    Stop web page scam: http://www.justcanon.net and similar

    to inform all potential customers and prevent any further money stealing and abuses.

    The group was made, because I feel bad for everyone whom money was stolen.

  6. Damir says:

    I order a camera a month ago and pay them 1200 euros, and get nothing 🙁
    And today I realize that it’s scam…

    I report this to our local police, and report to England Metropolitan police, so If they manage to shut down that web pages or find some way to stop that crime…

    Best regards from Croatia!

  7. Chris says:

    i’ve also done a money transfer to justcanon.net on 14/12/2010 and still received nothing. how can i claim my money back, can somebody help me please. Best regards

  8. Thomas Lefebvre says:

    I’ve just saw that this company doesn’t exist, i’ve done a transefere on the 06/12/2010 and still receive nothing. I would like to know witch procedure i need to follow to claim my moneu back, can somebody help me please. it was on the justcanon.net website.
    Best regards

  9. Carlos says:


    i’m thinking of buying an item, from the site http://www.justcamcorders.net, but I could not understand from the comments above, if this site is also a fake site, or if it is a honest site. They also say that they’re part of a company named Justshops:
    “…Just Camcorders is a trading name of Justshops Limited.

    Registered Office:
    19 Mandela Street
    NW1 0DU
    Phone: 020 8133 1537

    Justshops Limited is registered in England & Wales (Registered Number: 07029149).

    Justshops Limited’s VAT Registration Number is: 350 4712 74. …”

    Can you please clarify my doubt?
    thanks a lot.


    • Kris Koster says:


      To clarify, the website justcamcorders.net which is a scam website, is falsely associating themselves with Justshops.com which is a legitimate website.

      So do not part with your money at justcamcorders.net

    • Janez Novack says:


      if you compare the sites: http//www.justcamerashop.net and http//www.justcorders.net you can immediately find out that they look almost the same which means they are both false shop. If you don’t believe it, please go to google maps and check the reported Mandela street and you will see that there are only semi-detached houses. I am worried because nobody stops these money thieves. Please be careful. Always buy cheap but never too cheap.

  10. juan says:

    Of course is a scum. Just try to see the shop in street view. Do not trust them . No way they are going to give u a damned thing

  11. Janez Novack says:

    They try to force customers to pay via Bank transfer. I don’t know if they are also stealing the bank card. The sad thing is that even Reporting the Web forgery doesn’t help to stop them… I would like to do anything to help other ppl to avoid such criminals. And thungs up for you post!

  12. Chris Griffiths says:

    Hi Kris,

    Thanks for the clarification regarding the relationship between us at Just Shops and these scam camera sites – as you clarify yourself – we are in the pet business!

    If anyone is a victim of this scam, please ensure you report this to your local police asap!

    If I can help anyone with this, please feel free to contact me.

  13. xicco says:

    They even give their names, wow, very daring … maybe it´s not their real names, I almost fell for them, sorry about those that didn´t.

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    Packages to the EU do not have to be declared, all taxes are also paid.
    If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Susan Tompsett
    Sales Manager

    Justshops Limited
    19 Mandela Street
    London, NW1 0DU
    United Kingdom

    Company No. 07029149

    Phone: 0800 689 9037
    Email: mail@justcanon.net

    • Kris Koster says:

      Extremely unlikely to be any real names there, they’re made up for sure.

      Got to admire their tenacity, so hard to believe they are able to continue to operate even when it’s common knowledge they’re criminals. It’s like watching the criminals at work in real time with no one able to do anything ablout it.

  14. joaquin says:

    hola he hemviado 900 euros para una camara sin saber que era una estafa que podria ser

  15. Anton de Graaf says:

    Order Canon powershot SX210 and Canon 550D on 13-12-2010. Still no diverly.
    After order I find the site that justcanon.net is scam
    I think it’s to late…

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