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Music Video for David Lynch

You know, I just can’t resist the temptation to enter certain video competitions. But just when I tell myself I have too many projects on as it is, including a ‘needy’ family, they hook me in with some ridiculous opportunity that simply can’t be turned down.

Of course I’m talking about the folk over at Genero.tv who ask filmmakers of the world to skilfully win a couple of thousand quid and the chance to get their music promo aired on MTV, The Box, etc.

Now getting your music promo serviced worldwide as the official music video for a recognised artist is one thing, but when that artist is film-director-legend-turned-pop-mogul David Lynch, you’d be mad not to give it a try.

The bad news was that the competition, which is normally open for entries for at least a couple of months, had just a 3-week window opportunity for submissions. That wouldn’t have been so bad, but I had projects lined up in this busy period to Christmas right up to 3 days prior to competition closure!

Still, I enjoy a challenge. Three days to conceptualise, write, cast, film and edit a 4+ minute music promo? No problem. Three-hundred and seventeen cans of coke and cups of coffee would do the trick. Who needs sleep anyway?

I was in two minds not to attempt it. But after chatting on the phone to a guy I met only a few months back who asked to be a ‘heavy’ on a short film I directed earlier this year, I had my lead actor and all I needed was a babe (and that coffee!!) Because I also had to care for my toddler whilst the good lady was abroad doing the Christmas shopping, I literally shot the footage on each morning of the three days whilst the child was at nursery; Downloaded from the CF card and converted to Cineform in the afternoons whilst I looked after him; And edited the rushes from that morning in the evening after he’d gone to bed.

Logistical nightmares aside, the shoot went remarkably well considering I had to work fast. Jon Summer, the guy who features in the promo, is an entertainer/singer anyway, so his performance was actually very good. As luck would have it, the young lady I used is also a presenter who I knew from before, but I bumped into her at a Christmas party.

And before you ask, there’s nothing gallant about lying down on a floor with a camera lodged between a young lady’s bare legs (Alas! What we filmmakers have to do to entertain you!) But there you are. A finished product put together in three days flat.

For you technical folks who ask, it’s all shot with a Canon 5D mark II and the glass I used on this project:
Canon EF L 17-40/4.0; Nikon 24/2.8; Zeiss 35/2.0; Nikon 50/1.2; Nikon 55/2.8 (Macro); Nikon 85/1.4; Canon EF L 70-200/2.8 Mark II

I wish I could say never again, but those pesky competition makers…
Questions? Just ask in the comments.

3 Responses to “Music Video for David Lynch”

  1. barrington says:

    great music and great film. interesting concept while being easy to veiw. Good luck

  2. David Brookwood says:

    Hey Kris –

    that is a superb music video – best of luck with it

    I also like the range of lenses you have. how do you rate the 16-35mm canon l lens? thinking of buying that one. thanks.


    • Kris Koster says:

      Hi Dave,

      Sorry for delay in replying – I don’t personally own the 16-35 lens, although I believe it is an excellent one for photography having seen reviews of it in the past and comparing images. I can’t rate it for video as I haven’t seen any footage taken with it. When filmmaking, I generally tend to use prime lenses rather than zooms.

      Talking of ultra-wide zooms, I do own the 17-40mm EF L lens by Canon. For the price (a lot cheaper than 16-35 neighbour), it is an excellent lens and worth the money. I don’t think it’s worth shelling out the extra case for that extra mm.

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