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One thing I love about exhibitions is meeting other businesses. Where I live, there are a huge variety of companies very different to the standard types of businesses I would normally see at exhibitions in the UK. Yes, it’s a hugely different customer base and business owners come from variety of European countries. Is it just me, or do 60% of businesses here have the word ‘Sol’ in their company name?! Sure, there’s heavy snow and blizzards in the UK right now and here I am still walking around in a t-shirt in Spain. Best perk about Spain is that there are at least double the amount of available production days compared to dreary UK. I’ve seen production companies lose thousands to the traditional English weather over the years.

But back to the exhibitions… One thing I hate about them is preparing my own stand. In the two weeks run up, I was frantically putting together my reels for 2010, which I hadn’t made a start on to date. I had a heavy drama reel for this year after making three shorts and a couple of music promos. So it was nice to put that together instead of the year-on-year ads/commercial demo reels from previous.

Corporate web videos are becoming an increasingly popular product with more orders for those than any other video product at the moment. Seems there’s a company scrabble for them in 2010. At the exhibition, we had no less than five firm orders for web and promotional videos, plus a host of new and valuable contacts. It makes a huge difference when people actually see what you do rather than hear or read about it. We had a huge 42” Plasma on the stand previewing the demo reels and showing the various video services on offer.

Of course web videos are far less exciting to do than a piece that promotes athletes or creating a drama short, but that’s the nature of the beast! I predict that 2011 will bring even more companies to the table wanting web videos as people’s connections to the internet get faster and competition between businesses gets hotter. There’s no doubt in big business minds anymore that having a web video on your website yields more conversions to sales than not having one at all.

As the price of high quality video equipment gets less expensive (see Canon EOS ‘D’ cameras), there are going to be more amateurs taking to behind the camera to produce a video short for their company. I cringe when I hear this. Not because I think it threatens my business at all, but because what a lot of companies don’t realise is that the web video they produce is selling their company image. They are impressing upon potential clients for the first time. If the script is weak, the editing is average; they’re not going to convert a visitor to an enquiry or sale.

We do a superb 30-second web video product (see below) including script writing, professional voice over, music, editing and delivery for a mere 390 Euro. If companies can’t invest that much into their professional image, then I guess they’re welcome to try out their own model!

Long live the web video!

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