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Let’s face it, in today’s world, competition is tough – real tough. Opportunities in the Film and Video industry are a lot less these days than they used to be. However there is one advantage this industry has over others in the form of marketing one’s business and that is self-promotion through showcasing your work. There are plenty of ways to achieve this and I’m only listing a few here. Perhaps in the comments, you smart people can think of some more.

  • Showcase your work. Get a youtube, Vimeo, Exposureroom account. Get all three – They’re free. Start uploading your (best) work. Make friends/contacts on these sites. Look at their work, comment on it – likely they will be curious about yours. Get a fan base this way. Get feedback from them and improve.
  • Get a facebook account and/or other social media networks. Make friends and acquaintences, business contacts – build your professional network. Provide links to your work on youtube, Vimeo, Exposureroom. Spend at least two nights a week working on this.
  • Town Hall Websites. In the area you live, have a look at neighbouring towns and cities. Go to the town hall’s website and look for their business area. Spend some time filling in application forms to get your business advertised on their site. Most town hall websites offer this service for free.
  • Design good business cards and get them printed. Don’t be cheap here – Especially with our business, it’s essential to have a high quality business card. The highest quality, the better. Your image is important and the image you present should be of a standard that businesses who come to you want to emulate. Remember that businesses who come to you are looking to you to help market and improve their image.
  • Design sexy A5 flyers. Make at least two designs but on a similar theme or related layout. You can put one on the front, the other on the back to save money. Visit those town halls and cities and place the flyers on noticeboards. If you don’t tell people you’re here, how will they know to come to you?
  • Consider advertising in the local newspapers or even on local radio if your budget allows. Get some advice first, ask other companies who advertise where they are most successful. Some newspapers are better than others and may offer a more appropriate readership suitable for your business.
  • Consider purchasing a list of business names and addresses in the area you live in and surrounding. You can tailor the database list to types of businesses. Using Microsoft Word or other mailmerge document system, write to all the businesses. Don’t forget to insert your sexy flyer and business card. Even if they don’t want a promotional film making, they may have recently come across someone else who was searching for one.
  • You could also consider making a DVD showcasing your best work and including it in the mailings. If this is too expensive for you, make sure you provide an easy link for people to go online to see what you can do.

Overall, try to get a broad spectrum of work online. Variety is key because you’re never quite sure what the business prospect is looking for. If you’re not busy and find yourself at a loose end, grab your camera and go out to shoot some interesting footage. Even if it’s a mock promotional piece, it still showcases your ability for prospects to see.

Hope these tips have been helpful. Please feel free to add a few of your own below. Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with my two flyer designs. They only took me a couple of days to design and perfect. It’s time well-worth investing.

New Marketing Flyer - Kris Koster - Front

"Standing Out" - Kris Koster A5 Flyer

Flyer for Kris Koster - Reverse

"Image is Everything" - Kris Koster A5 Flyer

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