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Ridley Scott commissions films for Philips Promotion

Getting your work in front of Ridley Scott is a prospect every filmmaker relishes. Scott, the formidable director known for legends such as Alien, Blade Runner and Gladiator has several production companies worldwide. RSA, or Ridley Scott Associates, has studios in London, Hong Kong, New York and Los Angeles.

One of their most recent promotions is their commission for Philips 21:9 Cinematic Televisions. RSA started a global campaign aimed at drawing awareness to the world’s first truly cinemic television with a 21:9 (2.35:1 aspect) screen. They asked filmmakers worldwide to come up with a three-minute short film for their ‘Parallel Lines’ competition. Over 300 filmmakers obliged, together adhering to the one strict rule of the contest, ‘Thou must use the set six lines of dialogue provided.’

These were;

  1. What is that?
  2. It’s a Unicorn.
  3. Never seen one up close before.
  4. Beautiful.
  5. Get away, get away.
  6. I’m sorry.

No filmmaker was permitted to stray from the six lines of dialogue and punishment was swift in the form of disqualification. This is because the promotion revolves around the tagline, There are a million ways to tell a story, but only one way to watch one – On a Philips 21:9 Cinematic Television.

The brief was to make the film as cinematic as possible with the most original storytelling one can think of and points also going for the most inventive way of interpreting the dialogue.

My entry, Dead Awake, was conceived just one week before the competition closed.

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