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Letus Elite DoF Adapter – Vibration Problem

The Letus35 Elite depth of field (DoF) adapter is a worthy addition to my gear. With only ½ stop of light loss, the adapter screws nicely onto the front of my Canon XH A1 and with a variety of prime manual lenses I can achieve that desired filmic look.

The Letus has allowed casual prosumer camcorders to become the new standard for the Indie filmmaker. The technology, quality, and price of the new Letus35 Extreme cannot be beat. If you are looking for the best, most affordable 35mm lens adapter, the Letus35 is it.

The only problem I experienced with mine is a vibration issue. I discovered that with extremely wide lenses, like my 14mm Sigma, vibration became an issue – So much so, in fact, that the footage was unusable.

I got on the phone to Letus support and they were helpful. They asked me to upload footage showing the distortion (I showed them the video above). The thing is, I could physically feel the vibration travelling through the camera, even to the tripod pan handle.

Letus informed me that the problem can easily be remedied by adding a small dab of hot glue to the very tip of the counter weight on the Elite motor. Sometimes the motor will start to spin too fast after it has been used for several hours, so the glue, we were told, would help to slow it back down. Page 7 of the Elite manual shows how to access the motor.

Although we agreed with their assessment, we didn’t want to mess around with glue and the insides of the device!

Letus then gave us an RMA number and said we could send it back (still under warranty)… However we found that the problem went away by itself and only seems to affect the system when using the ultra wide lens and using fresh batteries. Letting the batteries run down a bit helped when using the ultra wides.

If you would like to see films I have made using the XH A1 and Letus Elite exclusively, you can examine either of the two videos below I have made to see examples of it in action on different projects:

Ode to a Summer Friend (2008)

Ode to a Summer Friend (Short Film) - 2008 - Letus Elite + XH A1

Tres Coronas (2009)

Tres Coronas (Corporate Film) - 2009 - Letus Elite + XH A1

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